My Hero PA Yeomans

Keyline Farming and Water for Every Farm were my first book on farming. My father bought them for me, when I first began to farm my family’s land. I was mad about Yeomans. He was my hero. I was 21 years of age and I had a whole 11 acres and a little ‘ol grey fergie tractor. I could play with contours and water, inspired by my hero Yeomans. Years later as a mature-age uni student, I had found a house in Townsville to rent, completely furnished and there on the bookshelf were 6 or 7 copies of “Water for Every Farm”. I was thrilled. I read my favourite book again from cover to cover. I asked the real estate agent and to my delight, they said that yes, I was living in my hero’s house.

Keyline Farming by Percival Alfred Yeomans (1904 – 1984) (Book: Water for Every Farm )

pa yeomans 2pa yeomans3   PA bought some land, and his brother in law managed it until a fire swept through the land and his brother in law died in the effort to control the fire. PA decided that he must fireproof his property and set about to do so.

PA decided on a few important things that others did not, for example, the first thing to do on a property is to decide where the water is  puddled, and where the water puddled, where it slows down and soak it – that is the KEYPOINT and created his keyline system on his observations.

In the process of waterproofing in time, he felt his job was not so much to produce crops, but rather to produce soil. And in the looking after the soil, all else would fall into place.

pa yeomans




Yeomans Project Art Gallery NSW by Artists Ian Milliss and Lucas Ihlein with special guests 4 & 11 December 2013, 15 & 22 January 2014


“Yobarnie Map Wall” at the Yeomans Project exhibition at Art Gallery NSW  Jan 2014

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2 thoughts on “My Hero PA Yeomans

  1. Absolutely agree about P.A Yeomans
    My first books on agriculture were Water for Every Farm and Keyline Plan. I did first year at Hawkesbury Ag College and visited Nevalan in 1958. Told my lecturers and asked if the class could study Keyline. Was told it was nonsense and P.A (Percieval) was a mining engineer and not qualified.

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