Outstanding Ongoing Success via Living Soil

Do you remember the “sound” of  a pine forest, the sound of a pristine creek?  That is where the living soil and hydrology is intact.  That is the sound that can be re-established in a Living Soil (& Water) Landscape.  Because the ecology, including the hydrology, the landscape begins to “sing” in appreciation.

Landscaped Gardens & Lawns, Orchards and Vegetable production which is based on living soil are uniquely peaceful and beautiful- simply because the ecology is “right”, there is no struggle, no poison, no fertilizer, no irrigation, no pests simply because the plants are not stressed.

Outstanding and ongoing success in your landscape becomes the “norm”. Why? Because the groundwork for nature to do it’s work has been established.

Its about two basic things

  1. creating a home for soil organisms
  2. slowing down and pooling water courses, so that the water returns to the water table, which will in turn feed the landscape without need for irrigation

And I can do it for you

Benefits of establishing Living Soil on your property:

  • very little,  if any water is needed
  • virulent plant growth (as seen in the plants growing out of the compost pile)
  • pest-free – pests only arrive on plants if the plants are stressed. they are only doing their job in eating the stressed plants, so that they cannot produce seed
  • very little earthworks needed – ie there is no need to create swales, wet or dry areas for the needs of various plants
  • living soil managment re-establishes the water table
  • the science becomes superfluous, because everything just works!
  • it complements Organic & Permaculture ethics, methods and standards

Slow Fast Soil, which is the end result of  the Woody Mulch Mix method, is a place where soil micro-organisms will enthusiastically choose as their ideal home.

This sounds simplistic. It is not. It IS simple. It is a radical departure from current practice in agriculture, market gardens, permaculture  market gardens, landscape and regeneration work.  And to a lesser degree, organic and permaculture home gardens. Lesser, because many growers have built this perfect soil, this Slow Fast Soil, usually without realising fully what it is they have created – and that is, a perfect place for micro-organisms to get busy making rich vital sustainable, living soil.

Like soil cells, every cell of the human body carries within it, the ability to take in nourishment, excrete waste, to maintain and to heal itself.  Much of our post-industrial populace believes that human health comes as a result of scientific and medical intervention. And it is the same mindset, amongst gardeners and growers which results in habitual interference with soil – constantly doing things, adding things to soil. When in fact, the millions of parts which make up the soil can take care of themselves, as long as we provide a home for those parts – the micro-organisms.

Do not wait for any government or scientific person to prove this to you. Do this for yourself and for others.  And the bonus is that you will have people flocking to your gardens, awestruck at the beauty of your blossoming garden, the quality and vigour of your produce and the happy and serene atmosphere.

So soil is just a matter of providing a home for its members, the micro-organisms.  What do the micro-organisms need? Air, Water and for their homes not to be disturbed. And the nourishment that only living plants can metabolise for them.

My experiences have led me to a working formula which i call Woody Mulch Mix.

History of Slow Fast Soil

Living Soil

Make a Test Garden

Chipper Shredder

Watch Film

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MY DEFINITIONS – I found that in attempting to describe my methods to others, I had to invent lay terminology which differentiates agriculturally acceptable “Soil Building” and “Woody Mulch Mix” which is always welcomed enthusiastically by micro-orgs.

Soil Building: continually feeding and building up and mulching the soil, continually doing things to the soil, the soil being continually hungry, or too dry or too wet, or poor tilth or even just wondering if it is OK, never really bring sure – season after season, year in year out! All these wonderings and doubts fade into history when one sees the results of changing one’s practice to Soil Basing.

Woody Mulch Method: the process of  making a sustainable home for micro-organisms to get on with the job of making rich sustainable soil.

Woody Mulch Mix: the mixture of ingredients (including woody mulch) to create sustainable  living soil – this is a tautologous description – living soil IS sustainable and self regenerating. Given the dearth of Living Soil, this Woody Mulch Mix is deemed good-enough by micro-organisms to set up home in. By the time the micro thingys are beginning to grumble from overwork, the Woody Mulch Mix begins to mature into Slow Fast Soil.

Slow Fast Soil:  noun, the maturing (partly decomposed through micro-org activity) Woody Mulch Mix. I call this soil SlowFast Soil when I can plant directly into the Woody Mulch Mix (one cannot plant directly into Woody Mulch Mix –  rather, make a hole in the woody mulch, fill with some fertilised soil, plant seeds, cuttings, seedlling into soil). And because the Woody Mulch Mix has begun to decompose, forming soil clusters at a wonderfully fast rate, on it’s way to becoming Living Soil.

Living Soil: soil that is self-sustaining, self-nourished, self-regulating, self-watering and produces pest-free, vigorous plants. The soil that is found in forests which are unadulterated by man. The soil, that in it’s intelligent sacred perfection of Living micro-orgs, leads you to that moment of Soil Bonding.

Soil Bonding: that exhilarating “ah-hah” moment when you feel a total empathy with soil, understanding your relationship with it, a joyful “mad” moment, a bonding, without necessarily knowing why and how the bonding happened.

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