Chipper Shredder

I set out to find the best all-round chipper / shredder.

I looked for ages at all different types of shredders, chippers, mulchers, all with their various blades and designs.  Go here for fantastic User Reviews of various chipper shredders.

A great discussion amongst those looking for the right Chipper Shredder.

 Mighty Mac : a woman in canada gives a really great review of the Mighty Mac.

Difference between Shredder and Chipper: a simply good read to clarify and answer your questions. You can read online and/or download this PDF.


You can view and/or download this PDF

You can view and/or download this PDF








the only one that i thought was high enough for ongoing performance and holding and resale value and for shredding wood suitable for Woody Mulch Mix, was Red Roo CMS100 at approx. $18,000. CMS means Chipper Mulcher Shredder – 3 in one. Fantastic!

If you want to enquire about Red Roo CMS100, phone them at 0498 376 023 and ask for Doug Alcock.  mention this website “SLOW FAST SOIL by Marion”.Red_Roo_CMS100___Towable_ChipperMulcherShredder-858-382

i have not found  any second hand machines online. possibly because the machine is relatively new on the market. Or perhaps buyers simply hang on to them, as they are so robust. You just might be lucky – there might be someone in your area who is hiring out the machine. Look below for hire places.

Where to Hire Red Roo CMS100

WA | SA | VIC | ACT | TAS |  QLD | NSW | NT

A few words from manufacturer James Kerr at Red Roo Melbourne.

When you purchase one of our machines you can rest assured you are buying commercial quality that lasts.

We know our customers like our machines because they offer a better return on investment. When they look back at a machine that has been in service for 6, 7, even up to 10 years it’s not the purchase price that they remember but value of it’s strength and reliability. A Red Roo is designed for longer life and better return on investment.

what do you think?

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