Garlic Farmacy


INTRO:    This page is an EXTRACT of the site.  That’s my intro.

SOURCE:     Garlic Farmacy

GarlicFarmacy-624x692Growing Organic Garlic, and organic self-sustaining fruits n vegetables is the main activity at Garlic Farmacy. We love to  share when there is an abundance. Garlic Farmacy are committed to health and believe that Food is the source.

Garlic Farmacy are committed to healthy choices:

  • Making available fresh food that is beneficial fuel for our bodies;
  • Living an organic life; and
  • Sharing this opportunity with as many people as possible by educating and providing some of the resources they can use to become the healthiest “ME” they can be. See our WWoof page.

We have an Organic Product business that we know will benefit our community at large. Our Garlic can often be found at local farmers and community markets and online soon too..

SOURCE:     Garlic Farmacy

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