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how to keep beneficial bacteria, fungi micro organisms in the soil

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I rcommended reading these links, as you will gain a good grasp of what is needed to maintain soil microbiology.

Click to access Soil_organisms.pdf

INTRO:    I am really impressed with the following well-writen article.  I include an EXTRACT of a list of questions to ask regarding Soil Micro organisms.


Below are some important questions to consider that can also help test your knowledge of soil microorganisms.

  • Do microbes always work as they are expected regardless of the conditions or temperature?
  • If your soil’s microorganism levels were actually low, (which is difficult to tell without a specific test) will simply adding more microbes be the solution?
  • Are all microbes the same in importance or function?
  • What situations may indicate that soil microorganisms are not what is needed?

market garden without tilling and watering

This question was answered in so many different ways:

Organic Market Garden

Aust. Milkwood

Aust. Ceres

Aust. Dural Common2Us and also Warrah Farm

Aust. Milwood


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