1 Influences & Practices


My Organic Growing Influences in chronological order

MARION SMALLER watercolour by mum barbara abbott cottam around 9 years old

My mother’s watercolour of me holding my tongue, so that i could get those tight boots on – painting by Barbara Cottam

My Mother  (1921-2005)

Mum was really into trace minerals. Mum added things like potash ie ash from the fire ie potassium, chunks of charcoal, and hammered rusty nails into pawpaw trees. She grew the best pawpaws I have ever tasted. We children each had garden plots from a very young age. And she loved pottering around the garden with my son in tow.

 My Father  (1919-2013)

Dad bought me the book, Keyline Farming and Water for Every Farm by P A Yeomans when I was farming the family land.  Later on, as a student in Townsville, I was amazed when I happened to rent a family home, with all furnishing in place and found that the owner of the house was P A Yeomans himself.  The clue was that there were several copies of Water for Every Farm on the shelf.

My Uncle & Aunt

were graziers and cattle breeders and from them, I learnt many wonderful things, not least a love of living in the bush. We children worked a full day in sub-tropical temperatures in a rain shadow.

Rodale Press founded by Jerome Irving Rodale (1898 – 1971)

Jerome_Irving_Rodale rodale



Keyline Farming by Percival Alfred Yeomans (1904 – 1984)

(Book: Water for Every Farm )

go here for my post about Yeomans: My Hero

BOGG Brisbane Organic Growers Group







No-Work Method by Ruth Stout of US.

ruth stoutth



ruth stout 3ruth stout 2

No-Dig Garden by Esther Dean of Aust. (Book: Growing Without Digging)

esther-deans-no-dig-gardening-leaves-of-life  http://www.hunterorganicgrowerssociety.org.au/articles/gardening/no-dig-gardening/


http://serenassecretgardens.blogspot.com.au/2009/06/permaculture-basics-no-dig-gardens.htmlesther dean



Permaculture by Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison and Masanobu Fukuoka

Bill Mollison and Masanobu Fukuoka







Bill Mollison and David Holmgren Cairns Permaculture Convergence 2010 - a rare moment

Bill Mollison & David Holmgren Cairns Permaculture Convergence 2010 – a rare moment

bill mollison 6   bill mollison 7

bill mollisonbill mollison 2bill mollison 8

Rudolph Steiner BioDynamics (BD)

steiner 3 steiner 2 steiner





AGnihotr1AGnihotra 2





Do Nothing Gardening  by Masanobu Fukuoka   full page here

one straw 3one strawone straw 2







Compost Tea





Soil Food Web by Dr Elaine Ingham



“SOIL BIOLOGY PRIMER” is a wonderful small book authored by Elaine R. Ingham, Andrew R. Moldenke, Clive A. Edwards

buy the book   or   download the PDF   or   read online



2 thoughts on “1 Influences & Practices

  1. Wow, I LOVE your site. It could be my site if I made a site. The only things I didn’t notice were William albrecht and Carey Reams and the latest John Kempf. But otherwise very good.
    Feldenkrais might also interest you.

    Are you doing Agnihotra at your place. Not ag related but good stuff.

    Oh yeah Maechelle Small Wright, though I don’t know if this might be too woo woo for your taste.

    I was surprised not seeing anything by Alan Savory, holistic management.

    That was so COOL you lived in P.A. Yoemans’ house!!


    N. California


    • thank you sam sam,
      i am so glad you love the site, i put my heart and soul into it.

      i really value comments, so thank you.
      i have looked up allan savory and have put him under READER RECOMMENDATIONS – i will read him in time
      ALSO Maechelle Small Wright – yes PERELANDA, I have read about and love her work, must read again.

      also, have put under LINKS – READER RECOMMENDATIONS:
      Maechelle Small Wright; Carey Reams; John Kempf; William albrecht

      I have given William albrecht already, yet not as much as he deserves.

      absolutely loved living in yeoman’s house – t’was a home built with humans in mind = really comfy – and he left everthing in it, all furniture etc – a whole house all ready for we students – we loved it and we looked after it.

      not doing agnihotra at the mo. and Feldenkrais always interests me. sounds like we are on the same page! cool!

      cheers from marion and i wish you many blessings, sam from n. california
      ps would you like to be a contributor? that is, no responsibility, no pressure, just add stuff like links, or posts when you feel like it, or reading recommendations etc


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