Benefits of Woody Mulch Mix


this is incomplete – updated feb 5 2015

One of the things that i found so exciting about this new discovery was the EASE of it all.  Woody Mulch Mix Method mimics the soil in a forest which NEVER needs tending by man.  It needs neither water or nutrients.  When the soil is REAL soil, it is fully functioning.

Once the micro-organisms and mycorrhizal fungi have set up home  in the Woody Mulch Mix, these are the benefits:

  • very little,  if any water is needed
  • virulent plant growth (as seen in the plants growing out of the compost pile)
  • pest-free – pests only arrive on plants if the plants are stressed. they are only doing their job in eating the stressed plants, so that they cannot produce seed
  • very little earthworks needed – ie there is no need to create swales, wet or dry areas for the needs of various plants
  • it complements Organic & Permaculture ethics, methods and standards

Notes on the EASE of applying Woody Mulch Mix in comparison with my usual permaculture practices, including Soil Building

  • no need to keep finding sources of hay, mulch, leaves etc. these mulching materials break down very quickly, and the garden was always hungry for more. AND it is expensive most of the year
  • no need to wonder, what companion plants do i need and where do i put them again?
  • no need to create special environments for particular plants eg potatoes do not noeed to be hilled. nor do zucchinis, watermelon, rockmelon, pumpkin.  asparagus does not need any special treatment. acid-loving plants can live with alkaline-loving plants
  • no need to DESIGN systems for this and systems for that.  Just do Woody Mulch Method!
  • no more endless wondering when plants do not perform well – if they do not perform well, the answer invariably is that the soil base has not been created correctly. and there is a huge margin for error.

Questions I might ask myself using the old Soil Building method

Q   will i spend money and energy on building built-up beds? do they need it? will the ground be waterlogged if i don’t make built-up beds?

A  no need to – Woody Mulch Mix is self draining, self watering,  regardless of the weather

Q   where will i put the fruit trees? if i have them too close to the house, will there be enough room for the veges, or will they be too shaded

 A  veges can be planted anywhere near the fruit trees. they will get enough sun. and they will get all the nutrients they need. the trees will not rob the veges of nutrients

a related article  A Program of Mulch Independence


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