Masanobu Fukuoka

Do Nothing Gardening  by Masanobu Fukuoka

one straw 3one strawone straw 2







Short Notes  on “Sowing Seeds in the Desert ” by Larry Korn who worked with Masanobu Fukuoka

Winter Wheat Fukuoka-Bonfils Method.pdf download

Continuing the work of is Yoshikazu Kawaguchi who, in 1991, founded the Akame Natural Farming School which has ten locations teaching farming and another five teaching traditional medicine.

Related:    a film call “Final Straw”

Note by the director:    A sense of community itself goes a long way towards building the kind of trust and equality necessary for safer and more just communities. Indeed, many of today’s social improvement programs, from arts to sports, to jobs, housing and political forums, are choosing to base their efforts on community cultivation, as strong communities are often springboards for social and economic well being.

But what if this kind of trust and community could be built while simultaneously undertaking another type of cultivation, the kind where individuals work gently and carefully together to cultivate the land. What would the benefits be?

Is it possible for a humble seed and a patch of soil to be the catalysts for stronger, healthier, more equal urban communities?

what do you think?

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