Hello, I am Marion and I am the narrator and creator of this site.

“Slow Fast Soil – Beyond Soil Building” describes a woody soil base in which micro-organisms would want to live.  A proven radically-simple method for commercial (and home) market gardeners which results in Living Soil, a TRULY sustainable soil, thereby increasing and maintaining fertility resulting in highest quality/quantity of produce.

Landscaped Gardens & Lawns, Orchards and Vegetable production which is based on living soil are uniquely peaceful and beautiful- simply because the ecology is “right”, there is no struggle, no poison, no fertilizer, no irrigation, no pests.

I am currently studying Hydrology – how the water moves through the Australian Landscape as inspired by Peter Andrews and his apprentices, one of whom is Ian Sutton , Equilibrium Future Solutions Inc,  who worked with Peter Andrews for five years.. My int-year-of-soil 2interest is value-adding my usual projects with how to care-take the water resource responsibly on any given area of land.

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Suggested Reading

What is Living Soil?  – short short version   – Living Soil is a home suitable for micro-organisms

img_1707What is Living Soil?  – short version

What is Living Soil?  – long version

Outstanding  Ongoing Success via Living Soil

My history and experience

Watch the Film, “Back to Eden”

Woody Mulch Mix Method

links for further reading

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