please note: wood chips are not suitable for creating “woody mulch” Why?


Hello, I am Marion and I am the creator of this site.

Welcome to “Slow Fast Soil – Shredded Wood for Living Soil”

“Slow Fast Soil” is a collection of my interests, history, influences and experience with soil building, soil basing and soil bonding, my soil science research and articles of interest written by others.
“Slow Fast Soil ” is my attempt at demonstrating the imperative for all interested in growing food, to create a Sound Soil Base which soil micro-organisms will enthusiastically choose as their ideal home.
This sounds simplistic. It is not. It IS simple. It is a radical departure from current practice in agriculture, market gardens, permaculture market gardens, landscape and regeneration work. And to a lesser degree, organic and permaculture home gardens. Lesser, because many growers have built this perfect soil base, usually without realising fully what it is they have created – and that is, a perfect soil base for micro-organisms.
Like soil cells, every cell of the human body carries within it, the ability to take in nourishment, excrete waste, to maintain and to heal every living cell. Much of our post-industrial populace believes that human health comes as a result of scientific and medical intervention. And it is the same mindset, amongst gardeners and growers which results in habitual interference with soil – constantly doing things, adding things to soil. When in fact, the millions of parts which make up the soil can take care of themselves, as long as we provide a home for those parts – the micro-organisms.

“Solutions for our urban environment” and Thesis – 4 articles by Ian Sutton:

“Slow Fast Soil – Shredded Wood for Living Soil” describes a woody soilbase in which micro-organisms would want to live.  A proven radically-simple method for commercial (and home) market gardeners which results in Living Soil, a TRULY sustainable soil, thereby increasing and maintaining fertility resulting in highest quality/quantity of produce.

Landscaped Gardens & Lawns, Orchards and Vegetable production which is based on living soil are uniquely peaceful and beautiful- simply because the ecology is “right”, there is no struggle, no poison, no fertilizer, no irrigation, no pests.

I am currently studying Hydrology – how the water moves through the Australian Landscape as inspired by Peter Andrews and his apprentices, one of whom is Ian Sutton , Equilibrium Future Solutions Inc,  who worked with Peter Andrews for five years.. My int-year-of-soil 2interest is value-adding my usual projects with how to care-take the water resource responsibly on any given area of land.

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  1. Absolutely staggered that your article suggests concentrated hydrochloric acid is an alternative to “chemical weed control”…. now that’s a good laugh hey??

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